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For leaders people really want to be led by.


Why you need the Real Leadership Company.

Talk to us to:

  • Lift business performance by focussing your leaders on maximising their people’s efforts, output and enjoyment at work

  • Increase the positive impact your leaders have on staff engagement, productivity and the growth of your business

  • Reduce absenteeism and attrition in your organisation, stop your people leaving their boss!

  • Create a positive environment and a better place to work

  • Increase individuals performance through harnessing discretionary effort

  • Transfer ownership of highly effective and practical techniques and tools to all leaders



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Real-time Coaching

  • Coaches work on-site observing leaders and the leadership team as a group in key meetings and conversations

  • Coaching program runs for between 12-20 weeks running on alternate weeks to allow time for new practices and tools to be applied in role

  • Leaders interact with their coach through observation, feedback and traditional coaching conversations

  • Workshops run fortnightly by coach to introduce key concepts and tools 

  • Pre & Post survey of leaders teams to measure positive impact on your people

Real partnerships

Design your own bespoke leadership program.

  • Ownership of the concepts within your leadership team

  • A ongoing daily focus on leadership in your business well beyond the program

  • Gives you access to a tailored leadership program designed with and for your business

Real live workshops

Workshops run from mid morning to mid afternoon with a lunch break allowing leaders to set-up, check in and wrap up their day if needed.

Workshops create an ‘oasis experience’ to allow the leadership team to disconnect from the tasks of the day, share some time together as a team without specific outcomes driving conversations

Participants are highly active with concepts shared via interaction, and practice of new tools in real scenarios a key teaching element

Tailor a combination of workshops that best suit the leadership needs of your leaders

Workshop topics:

  • Building Relationships

  • Having the right conversation

  • Motivating  my team

  • Running great Meetings

  • Mindset

  • Change leadership through clear communication

  • Planning & Prioritising (Getting stuff done)

  • The Customer (why  we are here)

  • Influence

Saul Wajntraub Leadership Coach Melbourne The Real Leadership Company
Almost immediately I knew that Saul was going to be pivotal in the next stage of my career as a leader.
— Nalisha B, National Planogram, Space Management & Replenishment Planning Manager


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