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The one-on-one coaching with Saul was so important

What is unique about Saul?

Participating in the Leadership Program facilitated by Saul was truly an amazing experience; it was like no other leadership course I have ever been on before. Receiving the one-on-one interactions and feedback from Saul whilst simultaneously attending workshops around leadership skills and techniques was valuable and the tips provided were practical that could be readily applied in the business world. The one-on-one coaching with Saul was so important to help understand my own individual style and areas where I could use new techniques in order to achieve great business outcomes and buy-in from key stakeholders. The sessions were insightful and learning about different personality types helped enormously when communicating with different types of people in the workplace. Thank you Saul for giving me the tools to better lead and excel!!!!! You are amazing at what you do and I truly enjoyed the experience!!!!!!!!!

Allison D.

Risk Manager - Payments & Financial Services