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Gave me confidence

What did I get from being coached by Saul?

Being part of an extended leadership coaching program under Saul’s guidance gave me the confidence to play with new leadership techniques for both performing and under-performing team members. Saul’s gentle coaching and in the moment feedback gave me relevant feedback and validation about my leadership style, whilst guiding me on what would bring the best out in my people, peers and stakeholders. The ‘classroom’ workshops gave insight into practical tools that had immediate application. One such application was assessing candidates for roles in my team, which provided new ways of ‘measuring’ applicants and insight into their drivers, which is far more than is accessible through reading a resume.

Why should someone else engage Saul?

Having Saul embedded in the team enables him to provide unique and relevant insights about how the team works together and opportunities to work better. The real time nature of feedback, coupled with classroom learning with examples means that business leaders can implement strategies immediately, have the coaching and guidance to refine along the way. I see this as a valuable investment the business leaders and action based results are visible.

What's unique about Saul?

On a personal note, Saul is easy going, talkative and such a warm presence it is easy to confide in him. This level of confidence and trust means outcomes come quickly. For me, the mentoring I got from Saul on how to manage some challenging personalities was extremely valuable. Saul is visibly energised by coaching others and seeing teams thrive together. His energy and genuine nature is contagious. Saul bridges a gap in which many fail, in teaching theory and connecting it to real workplace applications, which allows the team to act immediately.

Beth C.

Senior Manager, Bill Payment Solutions