Real Leaders, Real People, in Real Time.

What we do

The Real Leadership Company can help your enterprise in several unique ways:

Embedded Coaching

  • Coaches work on-site observing leaders and the leadership team as a group in key meetings and conversations

  • Coaching program runs for between 12-20 weeks running on alternate weeks to allow time for new practices and tools to be applied in role

  • Leaders interact with their coach through observation, feedback and traditional coaching conversations

  • Workshops run fortnightly by coach to introduce key concepts and tools 

  • Pre & Post survey of leaders teams to measure positive impact on your people

4-hour workshops

  • Workshops run from mid morning to mid afternoon with a lunch break allowing leaders to set-up, check in and wrap up their day if needed.

  • Workshops create an ‘oasis experience’ to allow the leadership team to disconnect from the tasks of the day, share some time together as a team without specific outcomes driving conversations

  • Participants are highly active with concepts shared via interaction, and practice of new tools in real scenarios a key teaching element

  • Tailor a combination of workshops that best suit the leadership needs of your leaders

Workshop topics:

  • Building Relationships

  • Having the right conversation

  • Motivating  my team

  • Running great Meetings

  • Mindset

  • Change leadership through clear communication

  • Planning & Prioritising (Getting stuff done)

  • The Customer (why  we are here)

  • Influence

design your own bespoke leadership program

  • Ownership of the concepts within your leadership team

  • A ongoing daily focus on leadership in your business well beyond the program

  • Gives you access to a tailored leadership program designed with and for your business